Monday, 18 January, 2021

How to Convert FLV Files to MOV Format in Fast And Easy Way

Animation is a great source of attraction, appeal and entertainment. A variety of formats are used and run for animation to create an impact on viewers. One of the most used file format for animation is FLV. FLV is flash video format which can be easily embedded in web pages for enhanced output. Most of the operating systems use and work comfortably with FLV with browser supported plug-ins. FLV is also commonly used on various social networking websites like YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. Due to high compression and video quality, web developers prefer to use websites as per requirements of their clients.

MOV format is specifically designed for QuickTime player, a product of Apple. The movie and video files on Mac can run very conveniently with MOV formats. To run FLV files on Mac machines, you need to install video converter for Mac effective in converting FLV files to MOV format. Video converter is a software application involved in multi-tasking by supporting multiple conversions of files. It not only helps in converting Windows and non-Windows formats to Mac OS supported format but works vice-versa too. You can easily convert Mac supported files to Windows or other OS supported formats.

It is easy to install software which works appropriately with each and every type of file formats like FLV, MOV, WMV, MP , MPEG, MP etc. It can also allow conversion to make media file suitable for portable devices like IPad, Iphone, IPod, Blackberry etc. For the fast and easy conversion of FLV files to MOV, install video converter and start the process of conversion. Using FLV converter for Mac, you can add FLV files present on your laptop. Choose the output format as MOV.

Use multiple enhanced editing functions before starting conversion. Trim or crop the image or clips as per requirements. Change brightness and contrast or add special effects to give bold outlook. Choose to provide subtitle to each and every file for easy recognition. Arrange them in batch process, one after the other. Opt for merge feature to combine all files together and save space on computer. After following onlineconvertfree┬áthe edit functions, choose to convert FLV to MOV by clicking “Start” button. For speedy conversion, try to convert one file at a time.